Installation Recommendations

While many have their own preferred installation procedures, the following are our standard recommendations for installing Versa Trench:

1. Excavation

Excavate a trench, big enough to ensure proper concrete encasement according to local codes. Make sure it is in the correct location and deep enough for the footer and the trench box. 

2. Footer

Pour a footer on the bottom of the excavated trench according to local codes. Make sure the top of the footer comes up to the trench depth specified by the project engineer. The box can be bolted onto this footer or can be set to grade using rebar for the slab. 

3. Recommended Assembly Procedure of Versa Trench

  1. Turn the side panels upside down on a flat hard surface (concrete if available) and space them at the approximate width of the Versa-trench.

  2. Install the first bottom brace at one end using a hammer.  First drive in one end of the brace fully into the vertical channel welded to the side panel.  Then align the other drive in end of the brace with the corresponding channel on the opposite panel.  Hold pressure down on the end that is already installed prior to hammering in the opposite end to prevent loosening.

  3. Continue with the same procedure to install the middle and other end bottom braces.

  4. Carefully pick up one end by holding the ends of the side panels, rotating the assembly to stand straight up, and then continue rotating and set down gently.  Now the assembly should be right side up.

  5. Install the top end braces following the same procedure as the bottom, except there is no top brace installed in the middle channels.  Just at the ends.

  6. Carefully pick up one end of the assembled Versa-Trench, until standing on one end and install pipe brace as described in the following step.  This will bring the work closer to waist level.  If you prefer, pipe supports can be installed with the assembled Versa Trench laying on the ground, right side up.

  7. Install a spring nut in each vertical channel at the ends of the Versa-Trench.  If there is only one row of pipe support, only install one spring nut in the approximate location where the pipe support will be located.  If there are more than one row, install a spring nut for each pipe support row.  When installing spring nuts, push down over tapped hole compressing the spring, and rotate the nut 90 degrees.  The nut can then be slid up or down to desired location.

  8. Install the bottom pipe support channel using the supplied spring nuts and 3/8” x 3/4” hex head cap screws.  If there is more than one row of pipe supports, wait to install the rows above until the piping has been installed in the bottom row after the pour.  Recommended assembly torque is 19ft-lb.

  9. Foam installed in the pipe supports should be left in place until after the pour, to prevent concrete from getting into the channel where the pipe clamps will be installed after the pour.  Care should be taken to not pour concrete into the vertical channels above the connections to the ends of the pipe supports, which may make moving them later difficult if required.

  10. Attached Versa-Trench boxes end to end as required to build your trench.  1/2" diameter rebars can be driven into the subgrade as you go through the 9/16” diameter holes in the (4) elevation brackets welded at each corner of each box.  Use the supplied 3/8” x 1-1/4” hex head cap screws to jamb to the rebar, and hold the Versa-Trench in place when leveled.  Cap the ends of the Versa-Trench with the end plates supplied and (4) 3/8” x 3/4" hex head caps screws and (4) 3/8” hex nuts.  

4. Pour Concrete

  1. When the trench is in place and level, pour the concrete adjacent to the box following the industry standard and local codes. Optionally, you can pour concrete on the inside up to the lowest level of the pipe support. 
  2. Finish the inside as specified by the architect or engineer.

5. Install the Pipes & Covers

  1. Take out the Styrofoam and install the pipes as indicated on the plans.

6. Place the Covers

  1. Place the covers as indicated on the plans.