Versa Trench: A Prefabricated Accessible Pipe and Utility Trench

Save time, labor, and reduce waste materials


Stop wasting time and money with old-fashioned trench setups

Old-fashioned trench setups are messy, expensive, and time-consuming...

  • Concrete Forming
  • Assembling wood frames, braces, splicing, gluing, and welding
  • Waiting for concrete curing to remove wood frames
  • Removing and disposing of material installation waste
  • Bottom lining, more interference to set trench to elevation
  • Expensive plastics, polymers, and specialized products


Fit a Versa Trench System - Save Time and Money

  • Lower installation costs

  • Lower freight costs

  • Simple bolt together design

  • Reduce jobsite engineering

  • Pipe support vertically adjustable

  • Standard and custom sizes available

  • Versatile

  • Made in the USA

  • Quicker installation

  • Lightweight cover system

  • Lockable

  • Earthquake resistant